Club Permit Scheme (CPS)

The Club Permit Scheme (previously called Red Plates) is a scheme under which Club Members can obtain a Permit to drive their unregistered vehicles on a public road for up to a set number of days per year.

Vehicles must be more than 25 years old and be in a roadworthy condition. The Permit allows for either 45 or 90 days of use per year. A log book is used to record your use of the vehicle. Steep fines can be incurred for incorrect use or abuse of the scheme.

Members wishing to apply for a Club Permit or those renewing their Permits ,will need to download the following documents :-

(a) The CPS policies & procedures document and checklist can be downloaded here => CPS policies & procedures checklist

(b) The LROCV Club Permit Register form can be downloaded here => Club Permit Register form

Vic Roads have implemented changes to the Club Permit Scheme in respect to modified vehicles. 

Information regarding this can be found on the following link:

Vic Roads Modifications Guide lines VSI33 => VSI33

More information about modifications can also be found at VSI8 => VSI8

For more information you can contact the LROCV Club Permit Scheme Registrar by emailing

Remember that obtaining a Club Permit for your vehicle is a Privilege NOT a Right and is NOT cheap registration.

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