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The safe use of a four wheel drive vehicle requires skills and techniques, which are in addition to those used on the road, and sometimes may be in actual conflict with those taught for road vehicles. It may in fact be dangerous to attempt to use some on-road skills and techniques off-road.

The LROCV as a Four Wheel Drive Club, has many members that organise and participate in activities that include the use of four wheel drive vehicles off road. With this in view LROCV conducts a four wheel drive Proficiency course several times a year. More than one person in one vehicle, provided both are club members, may complete the course. Non completing passengers are also welcome (inc. children).

There is a cost associated with the course which to goes towards venue costs and documentation, and can be found under Training in the Members section when applying. The cost has been kept at this low level so that all members are able to participate in this important level of basic training, and underlines the importance the Club places on the safe enjoyment of our recreation.

The course runs for one evening covering of Theory, and one full day, dedicated to Practical demonstrations and participation by course participants. The course has been designed by Four Wheel Drive Victoria, and is run by Four Wheel Drive Victoria trained and accredited Instructors. A Four Wheel Drive Victoria certificate is awarded to participants who participate and complete the course.

Four Wheel Drive Victoria also run an Advanced 4WD Driving and Recovery Course a few times a year, and any one who has completed the 4WD Basic Awareness Course may apply to complete this course. Enquiries should be directed to the LROCV 4WD Training Coordinator.

Four wheel driving can be exciting, it can be fun, and it may also be dangerous. Even on the easiest sight seeing trip hazards may be encountered. On more adventurous trips it is quite likely that a vehicle will become bogged or in a situation where the principles learnt on 4WD basic awareness courses must be followed to avoid vehicle damage, injury to the driver or bystanders. As a result of this most trip leaders require participants to have completed a LROCV four wheel drive basic awareness course or an approved equivalent.

 There is also a new Intermediate course run in a state forest which is aimed at people who have completed the Proficiency course and have completed at least 4 trips of varying difficulty. More information can be found under Training in the Members section when applying.

Course Venue

The Theory nights are usually held at Eley Park Senior Citizen's Rooms, Eley Park, Blackburn South(Melways 61/4), commencing at 7.30pm. A 4wd vehicle is not required for the Theory session. The practical day details are advised during the theory session. Saturday is a full day, currently held in a dedicated off road driver training area near the Black Spur Inn at Narbethong, where a specialised 4WD course has been set up. A roadworthy, registered and insured 4WD vehicle is required for the practical day.


1. The Black Spur Inn training area is privately owned and run by "SafeTrek' , so members of the public will not be able to interfere with the training.
2. The obstacles are purpose-built and designed expressly for training to extend vehicles without damage and minimal risk.
3. Any damage to the obstacles is quickly repaired
4. The area is wide open, so visibility is good, few trees to run into and no narrow tracks to negotiate.
5. If any incidents do occur, shelter, first aid and emergency services are more available than they would be in a forest.
6. Vehicles can be clearly seen from a safe distance.


The training area has a large number of purpose-built obstacles located in a very small area. This means that:
1. no long transit times between obstacles
2. less work for the instructors to marshal people around
3. easy tailoring of the course to suit the participants
4. no extra work checking out additional obstacles.


The training area has :-

1 the Hotel nearby where lunch is held and this is allowed for in your course fee up to the value of $30

2. Obstacles which are of a wider variety than one would readily find in the average forest as:

3. The obstacles are designed for training, eg five parallel hills for failed hill climb procedures, articulation track, sand, rocks.
4. All obstacles are such that people can easily view cars negotiating them, eg no crowding around a small slippery area.

5. Instructors can leave their cars at the Hotel and ride around all the time with students, and easily walk from car to car.

While it is possible to conduct training in public forests, there is no question that use of a dedicated training ground is safer and more efficient.

 Four Wheel Drive Victoria is developing a dedicated Driver Training ground in an old Quarry near Toolangi, and this it is hoped will be available from mid year 2024
Enrolling in a Course

Check the Events section of the Website for up-coming courses or email if you have any questions.

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