Spares List

The spares needed on each trip can vary according to the country you'll be travelling in, the length of time you'll be away for and the distance from a phone to call the RACV!

Here's a reasonable list we found at the Russell Guest web site.  You'll find a lot of other useful information at that site and they offer LROCV a discount on vehicle preparation.

Spares kit

1 meter 8mm fuel hose
1 set radiator hoses
1 meter length heater hose 16mm
1 oil filter
Assorted nuts & bolts
1 funnel with gauze strainer
1 litre differential oil
Small roll steel wire (tie wire)
1 can CRC or RP7 etc.
1 litre auto transmission fluid
1 tube silicone rubber gasket
2 cans radiator sealer
1 set jumper leads 300 amps min.
Spare globes and fuses
1 jack and jack base 300 x 300 x 25mm
Fuel in steel cans or approved plastic containers
1 set drive belts-Air Con, fan, pwr steering
1 litre distilled water for battery
1 fuel filter
1 set spark plugs
Water in cleaned plastic containers
5 litres engine oil
1/2 litre brake fluid
2 rolls cloth tape (gaffa tape)
1 tyre pump
1 spare ignition key
2 complete spare wheels
2 spare tubes
Small roll - electrical wire 3mm or 4mm

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