Food quantity:

Estimate requirements for a given trip and add at least 20%. Don't carry too much - re-supply is generally no more than a week away.

Always carry a reserve of tinned and preserved food for emergencies. 

What to take?  Your diet will be reflected in your estimate of quantity and your skills as a camp cook. With the wide selection of foods available, both fresh and preserved, the following is a basic guide:

Vegetables - fresh, tinned or dried.

Baked beans and spaghetti!

Cheese, butter, margarine.

Biscuits, dry and sweet.

Baked beans and spaghetti!

Tea, coffee, sugar, honey


Vegemite, syrup, jams etc

Fruit - fresh, canned, dried.

Rice, pasta, sauces to suit

Bread, flour, yeast.

Meats.  (Frozen pieces will keep an Esky cool, while thawing!)

Milk in any form.  Powdered for long trips.

Soft drink or other favourite beverages.



Remember that a well balanced diet is essential to your well being.  Modern packaging and preservation methods enable a gourmet lifestyle in the bush, if you so wish. Be brave and experiment occasionally!

Always carry sufficient potable water.

Allow 4 to 5 litres per person per day.

On average tracks, 20 litres per person is the minimum requirement.

Remember that if you are stranded, water is the vital resource to maintain life.

Water should be carried in several containers to minimise losses in the event of leaks.

A micro filter pump and spare filters will provide potable water from a variety of sources.

Keep hydrated!  A little and often is the best approach.

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